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Toady the Hon Alan Tudge MP, Acting Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs has issued a press release outlining the 2019-20 Migration Program.

A total of 1,40,366 permanent visas granted for the financial year 2019-20, the top 10 countries with India at the top has a greater number of positions offered (25,968). Two Thirds of the permanent visas granted are transitioned through Temporary residency. Almost half of the permanent positions offered were granted in NSW (44,182) and Victoria (34,189) among all the other Australian states. 

State wise Migration Program Details

Even though NSW and VIC lead the migration program, it is seen that there is 19.8% reduction in the number of visas offered.  The Number of permanent visas granted in Tasmania almost doubled (increase of 89.5%) to 6,152 in  financial year 2019-20 when compared to 3,247 visas granted in financial year 2018-19. Then the number of Permanent visas granted in ACT are increased by 28.2% and 18.6 in SA.

Skilled Migration Program

Focussing on the skilled migration program, 95,843 visas of the total permanent visas granted are allocated through this stream. 59.6% of these visas are offered to professionals (ANZSCO major group 2), then followed by Technicians and Trade Workers (ANZSCO Major Group 3) with 17%,  9% are allocated to Managers (ANZSCO Major Group 1) and rest for the other ANZSCO groups. 66,133 visas were granted when applied onshore in Australia.

Global Talent Visa Program

This program was launched in November 2019 and it is a huge success. In a span of almost 7 months, 4,109 positions were offered out of 5,000 places planned earlier.

Reduction in visas granted through Migration Program

When compared with 2019-20 financial year with 2018-19, it is observed that the number of positions granted in 2019-20 financial year are almost 20,000 less than the 2018-19 financial year (1,60,323 visas were granted in 2018-19 Migration program). There is a huge reduction of almost 15,000 in the visas granted through the skilled migration program.

When compared the visas refused over the last 10 years, it is observed that there is a reduction in visa refusal rate.  Only 1.3% of the state/Territory nominated visas were refused, 3.1% of the Skilled Work Regional visas were refused, 6% of the skilled independent visas were refused, 30.8% of the Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional were refused and only 0.5% of the GTI visas applied were refused.

Even though we can see a reduction in the number of permanent positions granted, it is observed that Australian government has planned to offer a total of 1,99,808 permanent positions of the 2020-21 financial year.

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