Two major changes introduced by the Federal Government could leave more than 10,000 people abstaining from Australia’s permanent migration this year.

Communities in areas may be the ones to feel the most impact for population growth.

Regional and global talent visas represent approximately 30,000 permanent visas in the planning levels of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

But according to two leading migration experts – both former immigration officials – the government may have to struggle to get 20,000 visa grants in these schemes.

The national chairman of Australia’s Migration Institute, John Overigan, said the employer-sponsored clause in regional visas is of greatest concern.

“The event is currently set for 9,000; we probably believe they will be lucky to get 2,000 of those places.”

He said that the Global Talent Plan, earmarked for 5,000 locations, was also “very daring”, which was likely to significantly reduce the level of planning for permanent visa grants.

Migration researcher Henry Sherrell said significant changes were made to the policy, “it will be difficult” to fill 160,000 places.

“More likely is a figure somewhere between 140,000 and 150,000, representing a return to the level last seen about 15 years ago,” said by him.

The regional visa will not be available until November, and Mr Sherrell said it will take time to attract people, process applications and grant visas.

“Traditionally, it takes more than a single fiscal year to get a new visa off the ground and induce applications,” he said.

“It takes time for people to understand the rules and processes for the home department to assess applications.”

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