Australia Visa
Australia Visa

After the cancellation of the 457 visa program, Australia has now made the citizenship law even tougher. Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced the new citizenship law on Thursday. This new decision will also hit the Indian employed youth.

Under Australia’s new citizenship law, it is now mandatory for an applicant to be a permanent resident of Australia for at least four years. In addition, the applicant must be committed to adopting Australian values.

The applicant must also pass an English test which will focus on the honor of women and children. This will include questions related to child marriage, female circumcision and domestic violence.

The Australian Prime Minister said the purpose of asking such questions is to assess the applicant’s understanding of Australian values ​​and responsibilities. An applicant can fail in this citizenship examination up to three times. But currently there is no such limit on the exam. However, duplicate applicants will be considered failed in this test.

Turnbull said citizenship would only be granted to those who would support Australian values ​​and respect the law of the country, along with those who worked together for a better Australia

The Australian Prime Minister said that citizenship is the center of our national identity. This is the foundation of our democracy. We must ensure that our citizenship program is in our national interest.

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