I am hoping that the new year will fulfill my dreams and desires for the last seven new years
I am hoping that the new year will fulfill my dreams and desires for the last seven new years

Another new year draws near. Another year connotes new expectation, new prospects, and new thoughts for what’s to come.

Each new year individuals all through the world hold limitless expectation, wants for a superior life, an additionally satisfying life.

Some are fortunate and their fantasies, expectation and wishes are satisfied easily. Some unfortunately come up short on the fundamental elements of progress out of the blue; however for them, there are as yet different conceivable outcomes, different expectations, regardless of whether just little, that figure out how to satisfy them.

As a displaced person inconclusively confined and left in an unsure limbo, as a component of Australia’s seaward handling system, I have been seeing and trusting the new year will satisfy my fantasies and wants for as long as seven new years.

In any case, tragically, consistently I am frustrated. Every year, my expectations and wishes stay unfulfilled. The insufferable dissatisfaction leaves me powerless and defenseless. For as long as six years the constant, anguishing agony and sufferings as an exile and shelter searcher has incurred significant damage.

We landed in Australian waters seven years back, escaping unbearable systems, getting away on broken pontoons for our lives. However we were loaded up with trust, we needed a future, we had something to add to the world. Presently we have survived such a significant number of life-changing encounters and recollections while kept on Manus Island and Nauru by the Australian government.

Recollections, for example, the 2014 mobs when the principal blameless shelter searcher was lost to death, or the 2015 craving strikes, the 2016 Good Friday shootings, or the 2017 attack in Lombrum camp where we were left without nourishment or water for close to 30 days before at last being expelled by power.

Recollections, for example, the 2018 heightening of self-damage and suicide endeavors, that started again after the Australian bureaucratic races in 2019 when Morrison’s administration was reappointed, how we are still left in limbo with life cruising us by.

As we mull for as long as six years, 2019 passed us by with only sadness and stresses. Indeed, even the brief festival of Medevac, came pulverizing to an end.

A portion of the displaced people from Manus and Nauru have discovered their new lives in a sheltered nation and are caught up with making their lasting homes. We wish them an exceptionally splendid future ahead. In any case, for those of us that remain, any desire for another future appears to be more remote than any other time in recent memory. In any case, new year is a period of trust in new life. Regardless of whether inconceivable, while I live, I should have confidence in some expectation – so I accept that 2020 will be the defining moment for our opportunity and our new start throughout everyday life.

While each move of your governmental issues decides my destiny, by and by I wish every one of you a radiant and cheerful new year, one with your fantasies and expectations satisfied.

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