• If you possess the visa, you can work for an employer
    who has sponsored you.
  • Occupation which you had applied for must be on the
    CSOL (Consolidated Skilled Occupation List).
  • In case you are an
    employee, you must meet specific
    occupation requirements.
  • Besides, you cannot remain unemployed for over three
  • Vocational English is mandatory for every employee.
  • Salary which you will be drawing should be on par
    with a market salary in Australia. It is not permissible if
    it is less than $53K
  • If you are applying for a short-term stream, you have
    to secure 5 Band with no less than 4.5 in each module
    Whereas, it is 5 Band for a medium-term stream with
    no less than 5 in each module.
  • *Fulfil health requirements by submitting medical cer
    tificates. Obtain these certificates within 12-month post
    lodging an
  • Fulfil character requirements thereby providing police
    clearance proofs
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