With the proposed changes to the Australian Citizenship laws, there is rising anxiety amongst migrants living in Australia. Citizenship by conferral is the most common way for migrants to obtain Australian citizenship.

Here are a few other ways through which Australian citizenship can be acquired:

  • Citizenship by descent: You can apply for Citizenship of Australia by descent if you were born overseas and any one of your parents is a citizen of Australia.

To apply for citizenship under the present Citizenship Act, a person must satisfy any one of the two eligibility criteria mentioned in the S16 of the Act, as per SBS.

A person born who is born on or after January 26, 1949, is eligible for Citizenship of Australia if:

  1. At the time of birth, one of your parents is an Australian Citizen, and
  2. If either of your parents was a citizen of Australia at the time you were born, then
  3. Your parent has been present in Australia for at least a period of 2 years any time before you made your Citizenship application
  4. You have never been a citizen or national of any country at the time of making the application
  5. You have been a citizen or national of any other country

             For someone who was born outside of Australia before January 26, 1949, you may be eligible for Citizenship of Australia if:

  1. Anyone of your parents obtained Australian Citizenship on January 26, 1949
  2. Anyone of your parents was born in Australia or was naturalized in Australia before your birth
  3. If you are or have been the citizen or national of any other country
  • Citizenship by adoption: You may be able to apply for Citizenship by adoption if you were adopted by a citizen of Australia under the Hague Convention on Inter-country Adoption. You may also be eligible if you were adopted under any bilateral agreement between Australia and any other country.

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