Applying for a student visa
Applying for a student visa

To help you lodge your application and communicate with the
department while your application is being processed you
should read information form 10251 Making and procesong
Disa applications, which is available from your nearest
Australian Government office or the department’s website.
All student visa applicants must satisfy the criteria for grant of
one ofthe student visa subclasses. These criteria indude (but
are not limited to) a genuine temporary entrant requirement,
financial ability, English language proficiency, intention to
comply with visa conditions and other relevant matters.
Information on these criteria and the conditions that may be
attached to your visa can be found in the information sheet
Apping for a student disa or from the department’s website pages’study.aspx
If you wish to study in Australia, your application will either be
assessed against one of three Assessment Levels for each visa
subclass, or if you are an eligible student, against the
streamlined visa processing requirements. Before completing
this form, you must refer to information on whether
streamlined visa processing requirements apply to you or
which Assessment Level applies to you. Information on
streamlined visa processing can be found in the information
sheet Applying for a sudent or from the department’s
wehsite. Infomation on Assessment Levels can be found in
the information sheet Student Visa Programme – Assessment
Levels or from the department’s website pages’study.aspx
In certain circumstances you may be requested to completea
supplementary information fom. You will be advised by the
vka processing office if this is necessary.
Your application may be decided solely on the basis of
information provided in this application. Failure to answer a
question may result in your application being refused if the
decision-maker cannot be satisfied that you meet all of the
Criteria for grant of the visa. The provision of information to
the department that is incorrect may result in cancellation of
your visa if it is granted. If you need more space to answer any
question, write the details on a separate sheet, sign it and
attach it to the application form

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