immigrant workers
immigrant workers

Australia is home to 1 of the biggest temporary immigrant employer in the developed world, with OECD warning that high levels of migration could hurt less-income communities as it benefits the wider economy.

In its yearly overview of whole world immigration trends, Paris-based ThinkTank used a special study on temporary immigration to uncover a huge number of people who have the right to work in countries adding Australia and the United States .

The Morrison government is decreasing the permanent immigration intake to 160,000 for the next 4 years while also seeking to direct immigrants to regional area of the country.

But the OECD’s report notes that permanent immigration is just 1 part of total migrant ongoing.

Australia had around 750,000 permits for temporary immigrants on issue in 2k17, 2nd in total number only to the US. As a sepration of the overall population, Australia was also 2nd behind New Zealand.

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