The Parent visa – If somebody is residing in Australia permanently, they can introduce their parents to Australia so that they can live with them. The visa is called subclass 103 Parents Visa.


Benefits of Parent Visa:


  • Residing in Australia permanent foundation
  • full time working or studying in Australia
  • Medical advantage such as medical insurances, health care etc.
  • If deserving, can also obtain the nationality of Aussie.
  • also can sponsor other dependants to get PR visa
  • The visa holder can make different entries from the date of obtain visa till the visa get expired which is 5 years. They can move out of province and again can come back holding the same visa status.

Before the application below things should be contemplate:


There is high requirement for this visa and places are very limited. Sometimes applicants need to wait up to 30 years to have this visa pronounced.


Instead of waiting, anyone could consider a Contributory Parent visa, which is usually, gets completed in less than two years.


  • Contributory Parents visa – subclass 173: It is a temporary Visa. It has 2-phase visa mechanism in which applicant can apply first for a short time visa and later in future it can be modified to permanent visa.
  • Contributory Parents visa – subclass 143: It is a permanent visa which can be acquired by applying one single form. They need to pay more for this visa. If anyone has the subclass -173, she/he can straight apply for subclass 143.

If the petitioner applies for a Contributory Parent visa, the applicant will pay a higher visa application charge.  A longer commencement of support with a higher bond would also be required before anyone could be recognized a permanent Contributory Parent visa.


More Info: –Australia Immigration Services

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