Australian Permanent Residency (PR) Visa is one of the majority sought after visa category during the immigration aspirant’s world over. The vibrant lifestyle, high salary, multiple job opportunities, developed infrastructure and high criterion of living lure tens of thousands of people who aspire to live, work and transmigrate in an advanced country.


Australia immigration process and Guidelines


However, complicated immigration rules and guidelines often make most of the people unconvincing about beginning the process for immigration. Australia follows a point-based immigrations and DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) is very exceptional about the immigration process and guidelines in this regard. So, its unequivocal as to why people at times are hesitant.


Having said that Australia has the majority organized immigration system that is expansive my many countries. One of the key things that keeps the immigration aspirants and petitioner in dilemma is the visa processing time of Australia Permanent Residency (PR) visa. If you also have the same interpellation in mind, here is everything you desire to know about Australia PR visa processing time.


GSM- A Key Pathway to Get Permanent Residency in Canada


The General Skilled Migration (GSM) Program is the key passage to get Permanent residency visa in Australia for skilled workers and professionals. The GSM is founded on point system that reviews the profile of clients and apportion them points based on age, education, English Language Proficiency, work expensive, etc. factors.


The general skilled migration program comprise two main Permanent Residence visas, i.e.


  • Skilled Independent Subclass 189 Visa and
  • Skilled Nominates Subclass 190 Visa


Processing time of key Permanent visas of Australia


Let’s find out about the unspoiled processing time of the main GSM durable visas:


Processing time for Subclass 189 Visa

It is an independent visa, which does not postulate any nomination or sponsorship from Australian state or employer. You can straight apply for this visa via online Skill Select System. As per DIBP website, the 75 percent experiment for subclass 189 Visa, process within 11 months. Moreover, close to 90 percent of the visa applications progression within 15 months.


Processing Time of Subclass 190 Visa

This is State Nominated Visa; hence, you first need to obtain state nomination to apply for this visa. As per DIBP, 75 percent of experiment under this visa category process within 11 months. Whereas, 90 percent of applications under this visa square get processed within 15 months.



Visa processing time depends on certain key factors


There are various key factors, which influence the ancestry processing time of Australia PR visa, i.e.


  • The High demand laboriousness you have selected to apply for PR visa
  • How purely you have filed the visa application form
  • Examination of your documents and candidature
  • How hastily you reply to the monitor asked by the immigration office
  • Whether or not you have taken any occupational assistance to apply for PR Visa and so on
  • Detract the processing time by hiring the original and trusted Visa Consultants


You can detract your time line or visa processing time by hiring a factual, certified and dexterous Australian Immigration and Visa Consultancy firm. An experienced visa consultant helps you in all key dimension of immigration, i.e. visa filing, documentations, visa follow up, letter drafting, resume rebuilding, visa filing, online process, etc.  As a result, you submit documents timely and purely, which in turn help reducing processing time.


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