The Morrison Govt. claims a long-term benefit worth 9.7 billion from skilled migration every year. The Immigration Minister David Coleman, in a speech on Friday, made a strong case for immigration. It signaled that the current government will defend the annual intake going against critics who are calling for radical cuts.

Coleman’s speech also suggested that Australians should expect reforms to the regional migration program. Preference would also be given to skilled workers who are sponsored by employers in Australia. He also cautioned against proposed cuts to more than 500,000 international graduates in Australia. The education sector in Australia earns four times the export revenue as beef, said Coleman.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Coleman said that Australia should be proud of its immigration history. Every town, every city, every church, and every sporting club of Australia has immigration success stories which should be celebrated.

In his speech to the Migration Institute of Australia, Coleman said that without immigration Australia’s economy would have been weaker and living standards lower. The Deloitte Access Economics analysis reveals that Australia gains a net fiscal benefit of 9.7 billion from immigration annually.

Immigration offsets the effects of an aging population, added Coleman. By adding workers through immigration, Australia pays for the essential services needed by all.

Coleman also emphasized the advantages of encouraging younger immigrants as it helps taxpayers recover the cost of those close to retirement age.

Education services in Australia generated almost 30 million in export revenue in 2017. This was four times the export revenue of beef and five times that of wheat.

International students in Australia had over 230,000 visitors in 2017 which helped Australia earn 994 million. 56,000 international visitors came to Australia in 2014 to attend graduation ceremonies which contributed 208 million to the Australian economy.

Students support high-skilled, high-salary jobs in the education sector which is a boon for the Australian economy.

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