Australia RSMS and ENS Visas now standstill changed from March 2018. Both these visa schedule are now subject to intermediary dispensation and the finishing draught of regulations. Below are the key changes:


List of Skilled Occupations

MLTSSL is now exercisable for RSMS 187 AND ENS 186 visas. Additional rotation will be available for supporting territorial employers via RSMS.


Salary provisions

The latest structure of market salary that is discard for Australia TSS Visa will as well hold benign for RSMS and ENS visas. This is containing of the requirements for provisional skilled immigration salary threshold – TSMIT.



The discriminatory period of residency for a transition to Australia PR will be increased to 3 years from 2 years


Job experience

Minimum 3 years of work expensive that is appropriate for the distinct occupation will be necessary



each and every petitioner must be below the ceiling for age at 45 years when they are enforce for the visas


Fund for skilling Australians:


At the time of nomination, the realization for a fund for skilling Australians will have to be conferred. It has been advised by the ATO that the quotation will be covered under tax outcome. In case wherein application is remain plus then withdrawn owing to be erroneous or is refused, the levy will be refundable. The expenditure of the tariff cannot be passed on the petitioner of the visa. It will be enclosed under the regulation for payment for sponsorship, as quoted by the Australian.


Bansal Immigration Australia team comprise process consultants and RMAs who facilitate applicant immigrants with issues respective to immigration and visas.


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