The latest Australia Skill Select round for the month of April 2019 was shocking. Only 100 invitations in the Subclass 189 were issued. 10 invitations were issued for the Subclass 489.

The drop in the number of invitations issued seems to be planned to manage the number of visas issued in this financial year.

The score for the non-pro rata occupations for Subclass 189 has jumped up to 80 points. The current wait time is 1 month.

There has been no change to the Subclass 489 Family Sponsored Visa. 10 invitations are issued per month and the score required is 80 points. The wait times, however, have increased to up to 5 months.

Pro-rata occupations are the ones where the demand exceeds the number of places available. Pro-rata occupations have a higher score required in comparison to non pro-rata occupations.

The score for pro-rata occupations in the 11th April round is:

Occ. Code Description Min. Required score
2211 Accountants 90
2212 Auditors, Company Secretary and Corporate Treasurer 85
2334 Electronics Engg. 80
2335 Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engg. 80
2339 Other Engg. Professionals 80
2611 ICT Business and System Analysts 85
2613 Software and Applications Programmer 80
2631 Computer Network Professionals 80

In this round, the minimum score required for Accountants has increased to 90 points. The score for Auditors, Corporate Treasurers and Company Secretaries have also gone up to 85 points. The same is the case for ICT Business and System Analysts, as quoted by SBS News.

The required score for the other pro-rata occupations has also increased to 80 points. This can be attributed to the small number of invitations that have been issued in this round. The minimum required score can change if in subsequent rounds the number of invitations issued increases.

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