Australia Skill Select update for October 2019
Australia Skill Select update for October 2019

The October Skill Select round brings uplifting news as the quantity of solicitations have expanded to 1500. The Subclass 489 Visa was shut in September. Henceforth, no solicitations were given for this visa.

The base score expected to acquire a greeting in the October draw was 80. Be that as it may, competitors with 85 got the most number of solicitations. 922 solicitations were given to applicants scoring 85. Roughly 190 solicitations were given to high scoring applicants scoring 90 or above.

Likewise, there is wild challenge among up-and-comers naming master rata occupations. Expert rata occupations are where the quantity of visa spots accessible is not exactly the interest for these occupations.

The scores for the master rata occupations in the eleventh October draw are as per the following:

Occupation ID Occupation Name Minimum score  Latest date of EOI 
2211 Accountants 90 06.09.2019 10:29 am 
2212 Auditors, Company Secy, & Corporate Treasurers 85 12.04.2019 9:46 am 
2631 Computer Network Professionals 80 20.05.2019 10:05 am 
2335 Industrial, Mechanical & Production Engineers 80 11.12.2018 6:39 pm 
2613 Software and Application Programmers 80 09.04.2019 8:56 pm 
2334 Electronics Engineer 85 04.06.2019 12:07 pm 
2339 Other Engineering Professionals 80 03.04.2019 6:42 pm 
2611 ICT Business and System Analysts 80 20.03.2019 6:34 pm 

Which occupations got the most number of solicitations?

Most of solicitations went to IT occupations. Most extreme solicitations (361) were given to Software and Application Programmers. Framework Analysts got 107 solicitations while Computer Network Professionals got 106. IT occupations got right around 33% of the considerable number of solicitations gave.

  • Different occupations to get most solicitations were:
  • Enrolled Nurses-134
  • Bookkeepers 114
  • Structural Engineering Professionals-98
  • Modelers and Landscape Architects-94
  • Electrical Engineers-82
  • Broadcast communications Engineering Professionals-80
  • Modern, Mechanical and Production Engineers-66
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