Julie Bishop, Foreign Minister, has confirmed that Australia is working with New Zealand to make passportless travel a reality.

Under a new proposal which the Australian Govt. is considering, Australians could one day travel without passports. The Govt. is proposing a “cloud passport” which will store biometric and identity information online. Thus, Australians would, in future, would not need to carry a physical passport.

Ms Bishop spoke to reporters in Melbourne. She said that Australia is in discussion with New Zealand over the necessary requirements. Security is also being discussed which the Australian Govt. would like to put under trial and implement.

Ms Bishop also said that security is of prime importance. Australia will refrain from adopting the system if it could not be made secure, 

Australia prides itself on having one of the most secure passports in the world. However, by implementing new technologies, the country could definitely do better.

Ms Bishop believes that using the same old technologies year after year will not make Australia more productive or progressive. However, for the new proposal, security standards would need to be improved. Security standards have to be strengthened so as to store personal information on the cloud. She also hopes that the idea would go global.

As per data from the Dept. of Foreign Affairs and Trade, 38,718 passports were reported as stolen in 2014-15.

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