Billionaire industrious Scott Farquhar is calling for visa reforms in the Australian immigration system which could advantage Indian applicants.


The co-founder of Tech Company Atlassian is advocating for a particular visa focused on jobs that are important to Australian companies to boost the country’s exports.


Mr Farquhar – a member of the government- nominative Innovation and Science Australia Board-  said the government’s visa changes promulgate last year were harming the technology companies.


In the changes promulgate to employer-sponsored visas, the government disinfect over 200 skills from the list of occupations that companies could access in order to bring peregrine falcon workers to Australia, and removed the pathway to durable residency for many others.


Mr Farquhar’s software development organization employs 2,300 people – nearly half of them external Australia.


“Atlassian is now at a venue where half of our global workforce is outside Australia, but we’d have a much bigger scale in Sydney if we could find the right people or introduce them here,” The Australian Financial Review repeat him as saying.


He said an isolated class for skilled visas for industries that have export probable should be introduced while the outflow of skilled Australian graduates has persist strong.


India is a source of a volumetric number of software and experiment developers, ICT Engineers and ICT managers working in Australia.


He recognize the provision of an easy pathway to permanent residency will be a huge magnetize for the highly qualified Indian IT professionals many of whom find the US a more seductive destination.


According to the Department of Home Affairs data, a total of 6,882 software and application developers were granted visas under the employer-sponsored temporary migration and indication tested permanent skilled migration in 2014-15 up from 5962 the previous years.


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