Australian citizenship
Australian citizenship

1st Step : Visa of Australia

The first leg of the migration journey is a visa. In most cases, you should apply for a visa through the Australian Embassy or consulate before traveling to the country. A visa is a travel document inscribed on your passport that gives you the right to enter, exit or stay in Australia for a specific purpose and period of time.

There are a variety of Australian visas, including visas for study, tourism, business and work .

2nd Step: Australian[PR] Permanent Residency

Visas are only temporary and do not allow you to live and work permanently in Australia. To do this, you must apply for permanent resident [PR] status. Note that in some cases, it is possible to enter the country as a permanent resident.

When you are changing your status to a [PR] permanent resident, you may need to apply for a bridging-visa, so that you do not live in Australia unlaw fully. This type of visa is granted when your visa has expired & you are waiting for a new status.

Benefits of Australian PR (Permanent Resident) are:

  • Permanent-work authorization
  • Access to subsidised studies at an Australian Institution
  • Eligibility to apply at Medicare, Australia’s health care coverage
  • Option to apply for citizenship after one year

3rd Step: Citizenship of Australia

After a period of time as a PR permanent resident, you may be able to become citizen of Australia . This immigration is the last leg of the journey and provides the most benefit for himself and his family.

Benefits of Citizenship of Australia are:

  • Right to vote
  • An Australia’s passport
  • Less bureaucratic paperwork. You’ll no longer need to apply for a Resident Return Visa [RRV] every time you travel neither to renew it every five years to maintain your [PR] Permanent Resident status
  • Citizenship-sponsorship for your non-Australian kids
  • Lower costs for education,having access to the student-loan system

Requirements for Australian Citizenship:

  • You have lived in Australia lawfully & continuously for four years, held [PR] permanent resident status for at least one year and satisfy the residency needs; or
  • You have a parent who is Citizen of Australian ; or
  • You were adopted under full Hague-Convention system
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