The world’s most liveable city is also the happiest, a new dictation has found.


According to Time Out’s 2018 City Life Index, which surveyed 15,000 people across 32 top cities of the world, including New York, London, Paris, Berlin and Tokyo, Melbourne has outranked its opponent for happiness.


Chicago was crowned as the most provocative city in the world, while the Victorian capital was fourth behindhand New York and Porto.


During the poll, the Coparcenary were asked questions about their lifestyle consuetude and the feelings about life in their city- its affordability, protection and friendliness. The impedance were then assessed across seven discontinuous categories: food and drink, culture, relationships and community, affordability, neighbourhoods, happiness and liveability.


Nine out of ten Melburnians indirect they felt happy in the previous 24 hours and 89 per cent said they delight living in the city. A vast adulthood of people also said they find it convenient to make friends, and though it’s a little precious at times, the city still ranked high for affordability.


Crime, rising value of living and precious housing

Maninder Bhullar moved to Melbourne from Albury in territorial New South Wales last year. Though he says his family actuated to the city for superior opportunities, he says incidents of crime are a spoiler for a ‘beautiful’ life he had presumed.


“What the government should do is indeed crackdown on the rising crime, specifically in the west [of Melbourne city]. If I am at work and incessantly worrying about my family’s protection back home, how happy would I be!” quips Mr Bhullar.


He is also attend that “fast-rising” house rentals and growing expenditure could affect his property of life.


“My salary aren’t likely to grow more than 2 per cent while the house rent will rise 5 per cent and public carriage, electricity, water, gas and nearly everything is rising,” he says. “Unless a household has at least two revenue, it’s barely making ends meet.”


Sandeep Sharma, an Indian migrant, has lived in Adelaide for a year before locomotors to Melbourne in 2016. He says though everyday life in Melbourne embark tougher due to relatively longer commutes.

“Though rising cost of living does bother families, especially first home buyers as the property is getting very expensive, other than this we have a positive experience of being here,” he adds.


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