Australia Parents visa
Australia Parents visa

Contributing Parents 143 is said to be the best Australian visa to sponsor your parents. Visas enable them to come and stay with you. Visa offers them many options where they can live, study and work in the island continent permanently.

If your parents express a desire to stay for two years, the ideal visa contributor is the original Visa 173. There is a huge difference as far as obtaining visas from other Australian parents, where the visa sponsor who is also an applicant, has to pay more and wait longer.Both the 143 and 173 visa subclasses are overweight by merit and are unlike other visa subclasses, which have long-haul processes. These subclasses work wonders for every applicant and are accessible to nationalities in Australia and New Zealand.

However, some formalities are required before issuing these visas. One reason is that either an Australian citizen or community organization has to sponsor the elderly.

To put things in perspective, here are 10 things to be mentioned for the visa applicant, when it comes to contributor basic visa Australia –

  1. No delay in issuing contributory parent visa
  2. Less fees and no refusal rates
  3. Medicare plan benefits
  4. Eligibility to work and study
  5. Expensive to apply in two stages
  6. Bridging visa for contributory parent visa onshore
  7. Sponsor must meet income requirement
  8. Provide proofs between applicant and organisation
  9. Apply before contributory parent visa expires
  10. Pension and Social Security payment
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