skilled visas
skilled visas

In recent times, the Australian Government has given two positive signals. Recognizing the impact of skilled visas on some industries.

1st the Australian Government. Have selected to overhaul the talented employment list. 2nd, the (GTESVP)Global Talent Employer-sponsored-visa program has become a enduring affair. Both these initiatives are strong steps towards Australia’s future.

However, the above modification do not address short-term skills reformation . Nor do they make hiring Techies, one of the most in-demand commerce , any simplier.

SiteMinder, an engineering company, has been one of Australia’s biggest success stories. The company relied burdensome on temporary skills shortage visas to bring in the important talent.

However, the process of TSS visa is long and tedious. Also, the cost involved has increased dramatically in recent times. It now costs about 162% more per person than before. Exclusive costs often restrict local businesses to access this visa, as stated by the Financial Review.

Australia has also tightened visa regulations. Some roles are not eligible under new roles, even though there is a huge demand in the country for them.

Furthermore, not all skilled visas in Australia have a permanent residency route. This creates a major increase in employee turnover due to heavy costs in relocating skilled professionals. The short duration of these visas means that a person may be forced to leave the company as soon as one begins to make a meaningful impact.

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