“Open for Business”?

Does the current immigration system prevent businesses from setting up in the UK? The answer is undeniably ‘yes’.

While the Conservative Party (and the Labor Mayor of London) are loudly declaring the UK “open for business”, there are questions over immigration policy.

The sudden decision to replace the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa with a less-functional Tier 1 Investor Visa means that the UK is losing significant technical talent to the likes of Canada, Australia and the United States. In addition, there is talk of raising the minimum wage for skilled employees from the current £ 30,000 per year for 39 hours to £ 36,000 per year.

Given that the average salary for a registered nurse is around £ 25,000 and is now over 40,000, such a move would only be counter-productive to address the issue that faces the country’s largest employer !

There is no doubt that the UK immigration system is not fit for purpose. Discrepancies and uncertainty (not to mention costs) are unattractive and malicious.

Johnson can still move forward with the Australian-style system, but whatever changes are made must properly address the needs of both skilled and unskilled labor as both are very essential to ensure that the UK The economy can adapt and grow in the midst of a challenging but ultimately environment filled with opportunity.

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