Australian Permanent Residency is a coveted status, greatly for foreign students in Australia. It just is. If you’re presently studying in Australia, you know what we’re talking about. If you are students organizing to study in Australia, read closely for this post can aspire you for a superior future.


Before anything else, let’s take a look at why demesne a permanent residency status is so attractive to foreign students in exclusive and immigrants in common. It’s not quite Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket, but close enough.





  1. Permanent residency Instrument permanent visa. No more fear that whoever sits in the government will make a tough change to the principle that creates nothing short of incubus to temporary visa holders like they did in 2017 on 457, citizenship and 187 visa.


  1. Permanent residents can chase their study even further. So, students. That’s your indications. They are free to study (free as in freedom, not beers or, to make it sounds instructional, libre…not gratis) somewhere they please without restrictions. In connection to study, permanent residents are also conferrable for student loans that can help them pursue their study.


  1. Work advantage. Permanent residents hold the same right as citizens when it comes to work allowance and work rights (to join trade unions etc). They can also work somewhere and with any proprietor.


  1. Access to social protection. After holding the permanent residency for 2 years, permanent inhabitant will be given access to the advantage provided by Australia’s Social Security Department.


  1. Access to Medicare. It’s Australian health convincement program that guarantees you a spectrum of advantage from free treatment to inexpensive medicine.


  1. Family-related advantage. As permanent resident, you’ll be conferrable (after meeting some criteria) to sponsor your relatives walking their own passage to permanent residency. It’s not just that, any children pertain to permanent resident parents are Australian by birth, giving your children the occasion that you might missed in your home country.


  1. Helping others. This is the time to pay it all onward or that sort of thing. As permanent resident, you are conferrable to work under government payroll working in public services/government office. Better yet, you can also exercises as a registered Migration Agent. So that, in turn, you can help other people over brim their dreams to migrate to Australia, just like your dream was fulfilled a few years back.


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