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Important information regarding booking online appointment:


  1. 15 mins free consultation: for in person meetings to discuss your immigration matters. We encourage, if your inquiry is related to Australian PR, please select the PR appointment option and provide required information.
  2. 10 mins free phone consultations: We are also offering 10 mins free phone consultation. It can be related to any immigration matter, however, due to time constraint and the information required to give advice, we do not provide PR advice over the phone within this option.
  3. PR appointment: if you need information about your Australian PR, then kindly choose this option and provide details. At this stage, we are not charging for PR appointments. This type of option is only available for in person meetings only. If you want over the phone, kindly choose the last Migration advice option and pay the required charges.
  4. Migration Advice: our charges are $110 for most type of migration advice. Please select this option, if your matter is complicated and will require more than 15 mins or you want PR advice over the phone.

Disclaimer 1: If you miss the scheduled appointment or phone call, you will lose your opportunity of free consultation.

Disclaimer 2: Please note appointment service is only for clients who are in Australia, if you are outside Australia or inquiring about someone outside Australia, kindly email your details and we will get in touch with you.

If you are unsure, you can give our friendly staff a call on 03 9602 1330 and they can book the appointment for you or assist you to choose the right option.

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