Budget Update - Bansal Immigration - Your Future, Our Priority

Total place 160,000

Partner visa: 72300 (increase from 39799) granted last year 37118) and English requirements

They have not proposed to impose English requirements. Every partner and their sponsor has to do English course of 500 hours classes before being Eligible for PR (second stage).

The test also applies to an applicant’s spouse, if they are a permanent resident rather than an Australian citizen. Applies from middle of next year.

Priority will be given to regional residents.

Other family visas 5000 (out of which 4500 goes to parents visa and 500 to other family visas)

Global Talent Program (total places increase from 5000 to 15000) 3 times more

Good opportunity for IT, Engineering graduates

Other distinguish talent visas (858 and 124 are 200, same as last year)

Permanent Employer sponsor places are decrease from 30000 to 22000

We got one granted in 5 months 186 visa.

Other employer sponsored visa numbers decrease from 10000 to 4480 half approx.)

Business visas increase from 6862 to 13500 (double approx.) fees is increased 11%.

PR (189/190/491) GSM: 189 places decrease from 16652 to 6500 (61%) last year they granted to 12986.

State sponsored decrease from 24968 to 11200 (half) actual granted 21495.

Out of total skilled places 108682 they granted 96734 (89%).

Travel ban to stay till late next year.

No visa fees for subsequent applications for temporary skilled visas and tourist visa holders, who were not able to use their previous visas due to travel ban.

What should students do? Ways to secure PR and how to maximise their chance