There are a plethora of reasons why moving to the regional areas of Australia makes sense. Job prospects and housing affordability top the list. Rural areas in Australia need the most number of workers.

Nick Tebbey, CEO of the Settlement Council of Australia, believes that living in regional Australia fosters community. Regional areas give you the ability to get out of the city and connect with the land. A slower-paced life and a well-connected community are attractive to many.

All over Australia programs are being created to attract migrants to the regional areas.

Talking to SBS, Jack Archer, CEO of Regional Australia Institute, cites the examples of Pyramid Hill and Mingoola.  African refugees have helped create a new vigor in the aging community of Mingoola in NSW. The Filipino community in Pyramid Hill, north of Bendigo, is thriving. People in the regional areas are excited about how immigrants have rejuvenated their community.

Moving from the city to the country may not always be easy. However, if you are proficient in the English language finding a job becomes easy. Knowing the English language also helps make new friends.

If you plan to move to the regional areas, do research to find the best area for you. It is also recommended to get in touch with the local migrant center. The local migrant center would be able to connect you with the opportunities in the regional areas. Once you have zeroed in on your desired area, you should contact the local council to check if there is a migrant resource center there.

Also, it is best to visit the area before making your decision. You should talk to people and their networks and make contact with the local organizations. You should also take a trip to the area and talk to some local people. You will get a great response if you take time out to visit the community and talk to the locals. They would also be able to tell you about the available opportunities.

It is always better to take a look at a place to have a sense of what it offers before making a decision to move there.

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