Australia has given its authorities the discretionary power to cancel a Visitor Visa while in immigration clearance.

Nikita, an Indian woman, was travelling to Australia where she had to deal with ABF officials on her arrival in Melbourne. The Australian Border Force officials had discovered a jar of chicken pickle in her luggage. Nikita had failed to declare the chicken pickle in her customs declaration form which was handed to her by her flight crew.

Nikita told the officials that she got confused about the things that she needed to declare. She also said that her mother did most of her packing due to which she was not aware of all the contents of her luggage.

The ABF officials, while scanning her luggage, found the chicken pickle which was not biosecure. Nikita, however, was allowed to go after a biosecurity scan.

Bringing prohibited objects into Australia could result in the cancellation of the visa from 17th April 2019. This is as per the Migration Amendment-Biosecurity Contraventions and Importation of Objectionable Goods Regulations 2019. This regulation gives officials the discretion to cancel or shorten a Visa.

As per an ABF Official, Australia has stringent rules for what can and cannot be brought into the country. This is to ensure minimum risk to the unique Australian environment and its agricultural industries. Failure to adhere to these regulations could now lead to the cancellation of your Visa, 

Immigration Experts warn visitors to Australia to be extremely careful of what they bring into the country. Even the slightest oversight could lead to cancellation of your Visa.

As per the new rules, if you do not declare any object that is prohibited or that which cannot be imported, officials may cancel or shorten your visa.

As per ABF officials, you may also be banned from entering Australia for 3 years for non-compliance of these rules.

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