Changes in Migration Act for Subclass 887 and Subclass 485 Visa Due to COVID-19 - Bansal Immigration - Your Future, Our Priority

The Australian Government has brought in new legislative Migration Amendment making concessions for temporary and provisional visa holders who can be eligible for permanent. These changes are made to remove any sort of disadvantages arise for migrants due to COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Government has brought these concessions or made changes for Skilled Regional Visas (Subclass 887), Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) (Subclass 888), Safe Haven Enterprise visa (Subclass 790) and Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485).

COVID-19 Concession Period

Introducing COVID-19 Concession Period into the legislation, this period commences on 1st February 2020 and continues until it is mentioned by the Minister in a legislative instrument. This is introduced to ensure that assist visa holders who are unable to meet permanent residency conditions along with other temporary and provisional visa holders as mentioned above. 

Apply Skilled Regional Visas (Subclass 887) with minimum requirements

Easing the requirements for visa holders who are affected by COVID-19, government has made amendments to improve the flexibility for applicants who are stuck offshore and thereby improve employment opportunities and reduce underemployment. These amendments include

  • Allowing prospective visa applicants to apply for Subclass 887 visa outside Australia
  • Granting Subclass 887 visa for applicants if they are located outside Australia
  • Former visa holders or provisional visa holders who may be eligible for Subclass 887 visa need not stay for 2yeras in regional areas. Applicant must have lived for at least 6months or longer as required in the specified regional before the stat of concession period are eligible
  • If you are holding a provisional visa in this concession period and eligible for Subclass 887 visa, then a work experience of only 9 months is required in the specified regional area if you are applying for subclass 887 visa three months after the end of concession period.

Apply for temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) from Offshore

Many students who are stuck offshore are worried about their future in Australia. Earlier, applicant needs to be in Australia at the lodgement of Subclass 485 visa and the on the day visa was granted. But now, the international students can apply for post study work visa if they are stuck offshore. These amendments include

  • You can apply for subclass 485 visa if you are stuck offshore in this concession period
  • Subclass 485 visas will be granted for applicants if they are stuck offshore when applied in concession period
  • You are eligible to apply for Subclass 485 visa if you studies are finished in the last 12Months rather than the last 6 Months.

With the ease in restrictions and the requirements you can apply for subclass 485 and subclass 887 visa even if you stuck offshore.

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