Change Course in Australia | Changing University in Australia | Bansal Immigration
If you believe that you have made a mistake and are
  • Not enrolled in the right course
  • finding the course too difficult to complete
  • unhappy with the education provider and would like to change your course and/or college.

Our staff members can not only assist you with the change of course/Education provider, but also guide you with career pathways regarding the course you wish to enrol in.

We understand that you don’t want your course change affect your visa. Therefore, we advise about its effects on your visa and further migration options. Being a representative of most universities, you can trust that you are in the right hands and are getting honest ethical advice.

Choosing the Course and Institution:

We aim at guiding the students in choosing the right course and institution as per their educational and financial background. All courses have certain academic requirements and the cost of different courses varies, often vastly. We carefully analyse the qualifications that the students possess and the financial limitations which they may have in providing them with an appropriate choice of course and institution.

Information on Different Course Levels

We provide overall information to students regarding the enrolments of courses for diploma or degree at both bachelor and master level. The requirements for the different levels of programs would not be the same so we try to best prepare the students for succeed in the future. By making the students aware of the eligibility and requirements of the various programs, we ensure that there are no unnecessary disappointments and jolts in applying for a desired course.

Admission Guidance:

To make life easier for the students, we try to simplify the admission process. We facilitate the admissions for the various courses with reputed universities in Australia, UK, and New Zealand.

Some institutions focus primarily on a specific field of studies and specializations. Our aim is to always to guide you to the right institutions for the preferred course. We believe that selecting the right institution is the key to attain the desired career.