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This Visa ( a Temporary one) lets an individual the one who is settled in Australia as a citizen, Australian permanent resident, or New Zealand (eligible) citizen to call on their parent to stay temporarily in Australia.

 Purpose Subclass 173 Visa: –

  • One becomes eligible to apply for a Permanent Visa (Contributory Parent Visa) (Subclass 143)
  • An Individual can reside for up to 2 years in Australia.
  • Can do Job- Study in Australia.
  • Can enroll in Medicare (Scheme of Australia for health regarding maintenance and expenses).
  • You can travel to and from Australia for 2 years (as many times as you wish) from the date of the grant of visa.
  • Note: – You cannot extend or re-apply for this visa.

      You must be outside Australia when the visa is decided. Also you can be in or outside  

      Australia while applying for this visa.

Will be Judged on: –

  • You need to be sponsored by a child, the one who is a Permanent resident of Australia, An Australian citizen (Settled), or an eligible citizen of New Zealand. 
  • One needs to fulfill the balance-of-family test.
  • Must obey Australian law and fulfill all visa requirements.
  • Must meet the requirement of health and character.
  • Must not have a canceled or refused visa while your prior stay in Australia.

Steps Involved: –


StepNamed asProcedure followed
1.EnquireEligibility for this visa.
2.RequestFor the visa and first installment needs to be paid by you.
3.EvaluateYour application will be evaluated by us and will be placed in a line.
4.HoldFor a position of availability.
5.EvaluateA Second-time assessment will be done by us.
6.PaymentOf second installment by you.

Who can Sponsor for Subclass 173 visa?

  1. A Sponsor has responsibilities related to finance and other such.
  2. A Sponsor can Sponsor more than a single parent for this visa.
  3. You must be sponsored usually by your child who needs to be
  4. 18 years old or above.
  5. An Australian Permanent Resident, a settled Australian citizen, or an eligible New Zealand citizen.

 Who else can be taken along with You?

  • Your Spouse
  • Your and Your Partner’s Child or step-child.
  • Family members granted this visa in your application will share the same rights and obligations as yours.

Cost: –

Subclass 173 Visa feeMain ApplicantDependents above 18 years of ageDependents below 18 years of age
First Installment$2,540$1,270$640
Second Installment$29,130$29,130$2,095


Any additional cost to keep in mind.Fee (AUD)Detail
Police checkup/ Character checkVary accordinglyThe Fee is to be paid to the police of a particular country where one has lived for a year and more.
Medical checkupVary accordinglyMay be required for each applicant


Processing Time: – Approx.3 to 3.5 years to process. Before its expiry, one may pay $19,420  to apply for the Subclass visa 143.

Note: -The temporary subclass 173 visa is not a requirement for the permanent subclass visa 143.

  • The Second installment is only called after each applicant has cleared character and health tests along with AoS(Assurance of support) has been lodged with the government of Australia.

Stay: – 2 years.




*Balance-of-family test: –

This test indicates that:

Applicant must have at least half of their children living there in Australia on a permanent visa


More of their children live on Permanent residence in Australia than any other country.


Conditions for Contributory Parent Visa (Temporary) (Subclass 173)

  • 8502- Applicant must not enter Australia before the person specified in the visa (Main visa holder or applicant’s sponsor in the case of partner visa) has entered Australia.
  • 8515- Applicant must not marry or enter in a de facto relationship before entering Australia; otherwise your visa might get cancelled.

How can we Assist ?

  • We at BANSAL Immigration consultants offer the much needed help so as to convince the Australian Immigration authorities about your actual intention to stay and work in Australia.
  • We do everything possible to present you as a true candidate and that you will adhere to all rules and commitments during your stay in Australia.
  •  Also, we assure that your interview round goes well, which is yet another growing step to get this visa in Australia.

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