As section of certain points-based visa applications constituted to the Department of Home Affairs, personage who pass the NAATI Credentialed Community Language Test can claim Credentialed Community Language (CCL) points (sometimes referred to as the ‘five bonus points’).








CCL candidates must be able to:


partake effectively in exchanges where comparatively simple information is exchanged without any great divergence from the norms of pronunciation, with suitable accuracy, standard of manifestation, style and register; and give the sense of what is said by the spokesman and demonstrate good quality language in both English and the LOTE.

CCL tests are operated from a recording which is played to the candidate by a testing officer. The candidate’s responses are recorded for engram. The recording will include two negotiation. Each test negotiation is based on a conversation between an English speaker and a spokesman of your LOTE (Language other than English).


In the test, you are expected to transfer the interpretation of what is said by each spokesman into the other language (i.e. English into LOTE and LOTE into English). Each dialogue is almost 300 words, approximately half in English and half in LOTE. These are echeloned into segments that do not exceed 35 words each.


The pretending will be played the recorded test by the testing officer. A chime will signalize the end of each segment. Candidates should wait until they hear the jangle before providing their impedance in the other language.


The testing officer will standstill the test recording at each chime and allow the pretending to complete their response to the segment. The testing officials will restart the recording and play the next segment only when the candidate has consummate.


The dialogues are structural to assess the candidate’s ability to serve as a channel of oestrum between two persons who do not speak the same language.




At least two educated examiners mark CCL tests independently. The CCL test include two dialogues and each dialogue is marked by the examiner using a separating marking system.


CCL test candidates will in the first instance be marked on their ability to accurately transfer interpretation between English and the Language other than English (LOTE). Also contemplate are language quality (both LOTE and English) and language register (the level of formality with which you speak) where this impress the success of meaning transfer.


Examiners contemplate the types of error present in the candidate’s performance and the influence of those errors in determining the deductions they will make.


Errors possess accuracy will be more heavily penalize. In particular, errors, like omissions, distortions and insertions, affecting the meaning at the sentence or dialogue level will receive larger aftereffect. It may only take two or three of these significant errors per dialogue for it to be appraise as a fail.


The advice of each examiner is taken into account in determining whether the nominee is successful. In situations where the examiners disagree about the execution of the candidate additional examiners will be involved in characterizing the final result.


Each negotiation receives a mark out of 45. In order to pass a nominee needs to score at least 29 out of 45 for each dialogue and score at least 63 out of 90 overall.


When NAATI issues the consequence for the CCL test it will be based on the mark achieved:


PASS: 63 or higher (out of 90)

MARGINAL FAIL: between 55 and 62.5 (out of 90)

CLEAR FAIL: less than 55 (out of 90)




In the CCL test, criterion examination procedures are followed. Written and verbal denouement are given to applicants before the beginning of each test and it is expected that these will be observed. Any breach of the examination situation may lead to an applicant being disqualified from the test.




All NAATI test paraphernalia are and remain at all times the property of NAATI. NAATI bestow each applicant with test materials for the sole intention of taking the test, and on the condition that the materials are returned immediately upon the inference of the applicant’s participation. NAATI does not return answer sheet or test inscription to applicants, nor does it release copies of test materials.

Test Info: – NAATI

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