The Department of Immigration has publicize that Short-Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) workers may be capacitate to avoid the TSS visa’s tough new restrictions, if their visa application is remain at some point during the next week.


With the flatten out of the Government’s new TSS visa required to begin at some point in the first week of March, the header of Programme Management, Cathy Milfull, has abiding that it would be the Department’s preference to give stakeholders almost seven days’ notice before the introduction of the new program. Best Migration Agent


Whilst the 457-visa program was fundamentally expected to conclude—and the TSS visa introduced—at the commencement of the month, the Department appears to be giving probable applicants a small window of opportunity to ensure that their function are in order before the changeover.


Any occupations performed on the (STSOL) will no longer have access to a routing to the Permanent Residency program through the Direct Entry stream after the acquaintance of the TSS visa. Instead, STSOL applicants will be incomprehensive to a two-year visa with an option to develop it for a further two years while still onshore.


“With the way the government policy has been locomotors recently—this being the latest in a chorda of surprise announcements—we wanted to ascertain that none of our clients would miss out in the event that another last minute transformation was made.”


“So far there has been infinitesimal to no notice of the TSS implementation date. When we have a government that is so unassured as to what is happening, we want to ascertain that we have provided our clients with the best chance of outstanding in Australia. The next major declaration to impact the TSS program will be the acquaintance of the Migration Amendment (Skilling Australians Fund) Bill 2017, which is still to be complete in the Senate.” Australia Immigration Services


“There have been some correction in relation to Labour Market calibrate for roles, therefore this was not passed as required on the 15th of February. With the introduced amendments being accepted, we anticipate that this will come in to impression toward the end of March, if not early April,”.

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