Documents you Need While Applying for 186 Visa
Documents you Need While Applying for 186 Visa

Australia is a fine country to work in and live. With ample job opportunities and great
atmosphere, it becomes an ideal country to migrate to. There are many visas available for
immigration to Australia for work and non-work purposes. One of the popular visas for Australia
is Visa 186 or otherwise known as “Employer Nomination Scheme” visa. This visa allows you to
stay in Australia and work as a skilled professional permanently if you have a nomination for
that job by a valid Australian employer. Now, to apply for that visa, you must fulfil some
conditions and provide some documents supporting your application. Here you can get the 186
visa checklist and an idea of what all you are going to need for it.
Documents required for 186 Visa
First of all, you need to completely fill the main application form for the Permanent Employer
Sponsored or Nominated Visi which also includes the declaration of the payment of visa
sponsorship from your employer. Along with the applicant, there must be attached forms for the
entry of any child or dependent person included in the visa application form.
There are a number of personal documents needed for the application

A copy of the biographical pages of the passports of the applicant and all the other
persons included in the form
Copy of birth certificate or any other government or court issued identification
Copy of marriage certificate or relationship registrations if your partner is not going with
Copy of birth certificates of the children showing their parentage
A character certificate issued by the police of your region stating that you are of good
character and do not have any criminal record in the past whatsoever
Along with these personal documents, other documents are also required.

You need to have a valid skill assessment from an authorised regulatory body of your
country showing that you have all the skills mentioned in your application on the basis of
which you have been accepted for the job
Your CV and copies of all qualifications and work experiences are also needed
Certificate of English language competency like IELTS score of 6 or its equivalent

To know more about visa 186 and to have better chances of visa approval, apply for a Migration
Bansal Immigration consultation today.
Documents you need while applying for
186 visa

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