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The possible mistakes that are done in the visa applications lead to lot of visa rejections and hence, here we are listing some recommendations and how can you rectify those mistakes.

Partner Visas applications changes will take effect before 10 June 2019 though the exact date is still unknown. This implies that the changes can be implemented any time before 10 June 2019.

The Australian Sponsorship Application is not a visa application. The following will be impacted:

  1. Partner Visa applicants with limited time remaining on their current visa will be required to either lodge a valid visa application that will allow them to stay in the country, or depart Australia and remain overseas until the partner visa is granted
  2. Till the time your valid visa application is not lodged in Australia, the applicant will not be entitled to Medicare, Full Work Rights in some stances.

The changes are expected to come before 10 June 2019 and if you are looking to apply for Australia Partner Visa then now is the perfect time to plan your Australia PR as soon as possible.

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