Human Trafficking
Human Trafficking

Criminal-syndicates are using Australia’s “broken” visa system for human trafficking leading to the exploitation of foreign workers who are being paid as less as ($4) an hour, an immigration round table in Canberra Have heard.

Labor has called a meeting of the Migration and Border Security Experts since 2014, pointing to the 80,000 people who arrived by plane to claim asylum.

Only 10 percent are found to be refugees, but a surge in claims means a backlog in processing that has left more than( 200,000) people in the community vulnerable to exploitation.

The roundtable, formed by Labor Minister for Home Affairs shadow Christina Kennelly, was heard from John Coin, head of the Australian Security Policy Institute, who warned of the visa system.

“Organized crime is actually facilitating illegal migration on a fee-for-service basis, using the methodology from fake identity documents to gamble Australia’s visa system,” Said By Coin.

“Australia’s border security system is being exploited, and individuals who have not been properly identified enter the country many times.

“The Australian black economy is actually supporting organized crime, with businesses that are involved in it, using these methods to exploit workers, and the people involved are not paying taxes and often for their own Getting the salary out of the country. “

Horticulture Chair of the Victorian Farmers Federation Emma Germano said the Australian agricultural sector was at a “coalition” of the problem that industry-based dependencies were given to labor-based firms.

This meant that producers, including foreign workers, were feared to be implicated in the scandal, but were powerless to change the system. He said that 60% to 70% of workers in some areas did not have proper work documents and were paid as little as $ 4 per hour.

“These poor workers who do not have the law will never come after them and will work directly for us as producers. So as much as we want to employ them directly, they have got a great fear of retaliation from these criminal syndicates who often trick them into coming to Australia, convincing them that when they have got the right to work here, Germano Said, after arriving here, possibly take your passport from them.

“We’ve gotten producers who are paying $ 31 per hour for workers, and workers are being paid as little as $ 4 or $ 8 per hour. That money is going somewhere in between. “. As a producer, I can assure you that we would like to take that money to the workers.”

Former Deputy Secretary of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection Abul Rizvi said the number of visa numbers “made eye watering” a “sick system”.

He said visitor visas now accounted for about 25% of the country’s total net foreign migration intake, indicating “an ailing system”.

“In the past, 5%, maybe 10%, is considered acceptable (but) 25 percent is a problem. It is glowing red, ”said Rizvi.

“The people we are talking about are usually weak people. They will have very few financial resources, and are being exploited – they are being exploited by criminals, and they are being exploited by unscrupulous labor hire companies. They certainly have the right to seek asylum, but they do not deserve to be exploited. “

Kennelly said the purpose of the roundtable was “a coalition of organizations” that wanted to address the problem of the arrival of the aircraft, accusing the government of “sleeping at the wheel”.

“Let’s make it clear what we’re talking about – we’re talking about smugglers who are moving their business models from boats to planes. That’s what’s happening here,” Kennelly said.

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