migrants wishing to move
migrants wishing to move

A Queensland-based migration agent says the new DAMA will open up opportunities for migrants who are willing to move out of big cities and live in regional areas.

“I am interested in the pub and restaurant owners who want to hire Indian cooks and cooks to introduce Indian cuisine in the region. The new DAMA will allow these businesses to bring in skilled and experienced workers, ”says Seema Chauhan, a MARA agent based in the Gold Coast.

said by Ms. Chauhan. “These workers usually advertise to attract an expression of interest to work in the field. Now, this new agreement will allow businesses to bring these talented employer into the location and the visa comes with the possibility of obtaining a permanent residence visa, ”

Like other existing DAMAs, FNQ DAMA has special concessions in English requirement and work experience requirements for some talented employer.

Successful visa applicants will also be eligible for a permanent residence visa after working in this field for 3 years.

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