foreign workers
foreign workers

The government has promised to overhaul its talented migration system to promote economic growth and to meet the growing demand for foreign workers in some areas.

The government will review the talented immigration occupation list to determine which jobs can be filled by foreign workers.

Employment and Skills Minister[ Michaelia Cash] announced the review in response to concerns that the current list of about 500-jobs doesn’t reflect the need for talented foreign workers in some sectors.

Said by Senator Cash “We have listen these concerns and are committed to ensuring that Australia’s ongoing economic growth is not hindered,” .

A review of the list, which was last updated in March, will also aim on ensuring that there are sufficient activists to facilitation the government’s ten-year $ -100 billion infrastructure program.

“Skilled immigration has always been a part of the prosperity of this country, but we need to make sure that we are getting the right talented migrants to meet the skills shortage.”

More than 80,000 skilled-visas were given past financial year, with jobs in the (ICT) sector the most famous. 

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