Sponsored Visa
Sponsored Visa

Your choices, needs and preferences vary a lot. If you are competent and want to seek permanent residency, then GSM programs with three important skilled migration visas are best suited for you. These include Skilled Independent Visa-Sub-Class 189, Skilled Nominated Visa – Sub-Closed 190 and Skilled Regional Provisional Visa – Sub-Closed 489. Whereas it is a Temporary Skill Shortage Visa – sub-locked 482 which recognizes every skilled employee based on a work-skill permit sponsorship .

Although the two programs differ from the other, there are some similarities between them. Contains-

  • Both General Skilled Migration and Sponsored Visas are referred to as work visas
  • GSM is part of skilled migration program while another enables employer sponsored workers to work and stay temporarily
  • Skilled Migration allows you to work / settle based on the time fixed by your employer

In clear words, a lot makes you capable and resourceful. If you are brilliant in your academics and if your business comes up in Australia’s Skilled Occupations list or Consolidated Skilled Occupations list, then it would be appropriate for you to apply for a skilled migration program.

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