H1B Visa Fraud
H1B Visa Fraud

The H1B visa program allows employers in the US to hire highly talented foreign workers for employment that cannot be filled locally. However, every year many applicants and recruiters are found to be abusing the H1B-visa program. This in turn adversely affects American employers , decreasing wages and decreasing opportunities as they bring in more foreign workers.

H1B-Visa fraud:- The following are the indicators : 

  • The H1B employers is not being paid or will not be paid the salary that is certified on the Labor Status Application ( LCA )
  • There is a difference in pay between H1B employers & other American workers performing the same or similar work
  • The H1B employers is not performing the duties mentioned in the H1B petition. This adds work which are at the upper level then mentioned in the petition.
  • The H1B employers is less experienced than American employers in similar employment in the same company 
  • The H1B employers is not found to be working at the intended locations as was mentioned in the Labor Status Application (LCA )
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