Highest Paying Jobs in Australia
Highest Paying Jobs in Australia

It is wise for people working in Australia to have a fair idea about the Australian job market. Knowing in-demand jobs, the skills required and the highest paid jobs will help you formulate a job securing strategy in Australia.

According to the Australia Bureau of Statistics, there were 243,000 vacant jobs in Australia in May 2019. A report released by the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business states that there is a shortage of maximum skills in the following areas:

  • Automotive trades- vehicle painters, electricians, Motor mechanics, etc 
  • – Civil Engineering , Electrical engineers and Mechanical Engineering
  • IN Food sector- bakers, cooks, Chefs, etc 
  • Teacher,Nurses 
  • Health-professionals 

Income is an important part based on which people often decide to move abroad. 

According to Michael Page Salary Report of 2019 , here are the jobs that pay the highest in Australia: 

Pharmaceutical Managing director , healthcare or consumer sectors
MDs in the pharma or consumer sectors easily take home btw $-360,000 & $-420,000 per year. People in the healthcare sector make $-330,000 to $-430,000 per year.

  • Chief Financial /Finance Directorx Officer 

CFOs & Finance Directors earn really good in Australia. CFOs in Australia earn btw $-350,000 & $-450,000 per annum. Finance Directors can earn btw $-215,000 & $-250,000 per annum. 

  • [CPM]Construction-Project Managers 

Construction-Project Managers are one of the high in-demand jobs in Australia. They can easily get btw $-350,000 & $-400,000 per year. 

  •   The mining industry  Operation Head

There has been a 60 percent increase in the number of new jobs in the mining industry from previous year. Head of Operations in the mining industry get per year income between $-325,000 & $-350,000 annuly. 

  • Business Services or Consumer sectors [ Sales Director in ICT ]

ICT sector Sales directors can take home up to $-375,000 annuly. Those in the business-services sector get up to $-308,000 annuly while those in the consumer-sector take home up to $-285,000 per year. 

  • Chief Head of Technology / Technology Officer/

Australia has a increasing tech market. In a fast–growing market, CTO and HoT jobs are increasing in demand. People in these positions can get between $-300,000 & $-350,000 annuly. 

  • HR Head  /HR Director/

HR professional are key to recruiting the right set of talented professionals in any industry. HR Directors have an yearly income between $-242,000 & $-280,000 annuly. 

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