Australian immigration
Australian immigration

Sydney – U.K. after dealing with Brexit immigration Looking for inspiration for Australia, the UK Home Office announced that it had begun reviewing the Australian system.

Boris Johnson, a longtime fan of the Australian model, made a focal point for his first speech to the House of Commons after replacing Theresa May as prime minister.

“For years, politicians have promised the public an Australian-style points-based system,” Johnson said. “I will really deliver on those promises.”

But here is what some British politicians do not talk about: The Australian system was never created to cut migration or prevent migrants taking Australian jobs, as Johnson has indicated it would be in the U.K. Will do for – just the opposite.

The Migration Advisory Committee report on the Australian model is not due until Jan, 2020.

Score points
The current iteration of Australia’s points-based system was initiated in the mid-1990s to boost the country’s intellectual sources & fill gaps in the labor force.

Under this system, officers award marks for migrant for desirable characteristics like youth, level of education, English and foreign language skills and work experience.

Migration nation
When it comes to Australia & immigration, international attention in recent years has often aimed on reports of catastrophic situations in the country’s off-coast refugee processing centers. But as hostile in Australia is for refugees arriving in the country by boat, it is more welcoming to migrants arriving by air.

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