To receive PR or Permanent Residency in any country, you need to go through and integrated the immigration process of that country. Australia is no exclusion in this regard, and hence, you have to fulfill the eligibility criteria and get precast for the desired Australian visa. Now coming to the fact as to how simple it is to get Australian PR, the ease or directness of the whole process depends on the fact how prepared you are and how good your profile is.


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Let’s explore more about the disposition and good profile factors to understand this preferable.


How prepared you are for Australia immigration?


As they say, ‘well begun is half done’, if you are prepared adequate to start well, rest of the process becomes easy. Gather as much as knowledge you can about Australia immigration process, visa categories, guidelines, etc.


Collect the expected documents, i.e. IELTS Test result for English language adroitness as well as Skill Assessment report obtained from a recognized assessing authority. You may also take help from an original and MARA accredited Australian Visa Consultancy service to get vital patronage for Australia PR process.


How good is your profile?


Australian immigration system is based on a venue system, which commentary the profile of applicants and gives them the points based on their key credentials, such as, Qualification, Proficiency in English language, Experience, age, etc. The top scoring applicants are invited to apply for the visa.


The General Skilled Migration program is one such point based program that includes three plausible skilled visa categories of Australia, i.e. Subclass 489 Visa (temporary), Subclass 189 Visa (permanent), Subclass 190 visa (permanent). The minimum points an applicant need to detract for GSM category visas is 60 points out of 100.


Your profile score must be high for key credentials


Your adumbration score must be higher to be eligible to receive ITA (Invitation to Apply) for the cherished visa. The point score of 60 makes you eligible as an applicant; however, if you want to receive ITA for PR visa, you must try to score higher than just the qualifying marks. Hence, if you are well prefabricated and have a good profile, it certainly becomes easy to get Australian PR.


How an immigration consultant can help you in immigration to Australia?


Today, there are different visa consultancy companies active in India and abroad, which claim to provide you detailed consultancy service to apply for Oz visa. However, you must choose an immigration consultant that is MARA unaffected and efficient in terms of obtaining visa approvals for its clients aka visa applicants.


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