The Australian Border Force (ABF) has alleged that many applicants have paid huge sums of money for fake visa sponsorship in Australia. These applicants allegedly have paid over $100,000 to fake companies in Australia to sponsor their visa applications.

ABF has been investigating such visa fraud since 2017. In relation to this fraud, a man has been summoned to appear in the Magistrate’s Court in Brisbane on 7th June. He has 7 charges against him for submitting fraudulent information relating to visa applications. Electronic devices and documents for various visa applications have been recovered from his two properties in South Brisbane. Officers from the Australian Federal Police and ABF raided two homes in Logan Village and Daisy Hill on 15th May.

As per the ABF, over 50 visa applicants have paid for fake visa sponsorship. Some of them have even paid huge amounts to the tune of $100,000.

Graeme Grosse, Investigations Commander of ABF, has said that ABF has been investigating such matters for quite some time now. They believe that one person has been submitting false applications for a number of visa categories, as quoted by SBS News.

The ABF also said that the man who has been charged worked in collaboration with a number of Migration Agents. These Agents submitted the Visa paperwork to the Dept. of Home Affairs for non-existent positions in Australia. More arrests are likely to happen once ABF is done with examining the recovered evidence.

It is an offence to accept money in return for Visa sponsorship in Australia. If caught, you can receive a jail term of up to 2 years or a fine of $75,600 per offence. More serious cases involving fraudulent documents can even get you a 10-year jail sentence.

Commander Grosse said that the ABF is alert towards attempts to violate the Australian migration system. It investigates all allegations of migration fraud and also monitors the visa approval process. They do so so that any improper conducted may be detected.

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