After seeing a brief slowdown last year, Australia is once again experiencing increasing immigration.

The Australia Bureau of Statistics has released data based on the international arrivals and departures data for the month of August. The data reveals that the net foreign migration has peaked in the recent 3 months. The immigration levels are similar to that of Australia’s mining boom earlier during this decade.

The Business Insider quoted ABS warning that long-term and permanent movements in arrivals and departures may not be an appropriate source. They may not be appropriate for migration statistics as they do not have a reasonable track record. They can’t be used as a leading indicator for proper migration statistics.

ABS will release the next set of demographic statistics which will contain data for the June quarter later this year.

However, based on evidence it is safe to say that overseas migration is increasing. It is definitely reflective of the improvement in the Australian economy over the year that has gone by.

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