Australia PR Points Calculator Online 2019. Skilled Migration 189, 190, 489 A minimum of 65 skill selection points are required to apply for a visa. English test score required.

PR Point calculator

Australia-PR [Chance of Invite]

EOI-PointsCurrent Australia [PR ]Invitation time
80-points1-2 (months)
75-points4-5 (months)
70-points8-10 (months) for pro-rata, 4-5 months for non-pro-rata
65-pointsNo realistic chance of Invitation

It is easy to get Australian PR with 80 points based on the latest draw. With a master’s degree, good English score and work experience in Australia’s skills list, you can get residency in Australia within a year.

Minimum points to apply for Australia PR SkillSelect 189 (points based) or 190 (state sponsored visa) in 2019-2020.

The Australia Permanent Residence Immigration Marks table above shows the points for the majority ANZSCO code. The chance of invitation varies according to each job code and its points.

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