Indian Language
Indian Language

In Australia, The 2016 Census viewed that along with population, Indian languages too had risen.

Hindi came at 1st Indian language spoken at home in Australia with 159,652 speaking language , with Punjabi a close 2nd at 132,496 speaker.

Hindi & Punjabi have made it to the top 10 languages spoken in Australia.

The other languages which have seen a rise are Bengali (54,566), Malayalam (53,206), Tamil (73,161),  Telugu (34,435),  Gujarati (52,888),  Marathi (13,055) and Kannada (9701).

Other languages recorded in the 2016 census were Kashmiri language (215), Konkani language (2,416),   Oriya (721) and Sindhi spoken by 1,592 speakers around Australia.

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