Australia Immigration
Australia Immigration

Announcement from The Australian Govt.  no further cuts to migration numbers in Australia. However, the Govt. will now focus on how to encourage migrants to move to the regional areas. 

Liberal MP (Julian Leeser), says that  quality of life in Australia depends on solving the challenge of how to better re-distribute migrant population in Australia. The Australia’s immigrant population will increase by 25% to 31.4 million in the next 15 years, as quoted by The Guardian. 

Most of the population growth is expected in major cities like Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne,. The Govt. is not looking to make any further reductions in the immigration intake. Said by Mr Leeser 

 However, the permanent visas places will be capped at 160,000 per year. 

Mr Leeser (Liberal MP) also adds that the country  is not about how many people should be in it. The bigger question is where should all these people go. He further says that the Govt. is trying to formulate policies which will encourage the immigrant people to move to regional areas. The goal of the Govt. is to currently encourage more people to move to regional areas to address the skill shortages in these areas. 

However, many critics have raised concerns that the regional visa push is not workable.

The Coalition Govt. has been focusing on pushing more people to the regional areas. 

A report by (Infrastructure Australia) found that it will cost [$40 billion] in annual infrastructure to cope up with future population growth. The population in Australia is forecasted to grow to 31.4 million by 2034. The report tells that most cities in Australia are not equipped to handle the current growth rate of population. 

Mr Leeser (Liberal MP) said that people of  electorate often complain that there are too many people in Sydney. However, even though these people agree with the annual cap on migration no. they also believe that more people should move to regional Australia. Many jobs go unfilled in regional part of Australia due to a shortage of labour. 

Mr Leeser also adds that regional parts of  Australia offer a high quality of life. There are many opportunities available in regional parts of Australia . Plus, the cost of living is much lower and getting around is much easier in the regional parts. 

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