According to an Oxfam Australia report, increasing the refugee intake to 44,000 by 2023 could see the Australian economy grow by $ 37.7 billion over the next 50 years.

Australia’s current refugee intake is 18,750. Increasing this can help maintain 35,000 jobs annually. This could increase demand for services and goods by $ 18.2 billion.

Oxfam’s report is called the federal government. To increase human consumption. It also streamed a separate visa to reunite 10,000 refugee families per year.

Lynn Morgan, Chief Executive Officer. Oxfam Australia says the people of Australia believe that families who have gone through terrible hardships should not be separated.

The num 44,000 represents an equal share of the current number of refugees who are seeking asylum worldwide.

According to Morgan, most of the refugees are inhabited by low-income countries such as Bangladesh, Uganda and Turkey. Less than 70% of refugees were successfully dealt with in 2018. The Australian community should step up as the number of displaced people in the world increases.

The report also stated that the economic benefits of increasing refugee intake will increase over time. Once these refugees settle down, complete their education and training and begin work, they can play an important role in meeting labor needs.

The Oxfam report outlined a number of obstacles to the process of refugee family reunification. The demand is far greater than the number of visa locations. The current ratio is just 7: 1.

Another obstacle is that the Home Ministry’s definition of “nuclear family” does not match the definition by the UNHCR. In addition, the revalidation process is expensive, has a complex application process and requires stringent documents for proof. Many times, the documents required by Australia are not available in the refugee’s country of origin, as cited by The Guardian.

Australia also has a blanket ban on refugees who seek refuge by boat.

Morgan further noted that Oxfam is calling for a divide process for family reunify. This process should help emigrant with their lives in Australia.

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