'Working Holiday Maker' visa program
‘Working Holiday Maker’ visa program

India meets Australia’s working holiday visa program

Plans to spread the ‘Working Holiday Maker’ visa program to over a many countries, including India, to join workers to regional areas to solve the labour shortages particularly on agriculture field, Immigration Minister David Coleman said on Wednesday.

“The Australian government is in discussions to extend the scheme to include from 13 countries to find workers wanted by regional businesses to work on agriculture field.”

The Australian Government’s ‘Working Holiday Maker Program’, which includes the ‘Working Holiday visa and the Work and Holiday visa’, is a cultural exchange program which enables young traveler to have an extended holiday and earn money through short-term employment.

Apart from India, other nations which were being targeted by Australia to expand the work and holiday visa were from Switzerland, Fiji, the Philippines, Brazil, Maxico, Solomon Islands, Croatia, Andorra, Lithuania, Latvia, Monaco and Mongolia.

Coleman said the government was working on expanding work and holiday visa conditions in an effort to join workers to regional areas, according to a report by the –(Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Under the current program that allowed backpackers to work while they stay was witnessing a decline thus creating workers shortage issue in regional parts of the country.

About 150,000 people were in Australia on a working holiday visa in March, but the program has actually shrunk over the past five years.

Coleman said the changes were designed to resolve labour shortages in regional areas, particularly on farms. “We know that working holiday-makers travel further into regional areas than most other international visitors,” he said, adding “They also spend substantial amounts, helping to boost regional economies.” While countries in the uncapped 417 visa scheme are typical backpacker nations such as the Canada, UK, Sweden and Germany, the 462 visa known as( “work and holiday”) scheme includes more developing countries like Turkey,Singapore, Thailand,China, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Vietnam .

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