Indian film music composer Santosh Narayanan has condemned the Sydney (Australia) Airport authorities of racial profiling and replant that an officer insulted him.

Mr Narayanan who compute the music of Tamil superstar Rajinikanth-starrer Kabali took to Twitter and claimed he was conjecturally picked up for screening and that a “rude” officer insulted him.



I was “randomly” picked up for the 8th time in a row at the Sydney airport for a chemical substance test and a rude officer insulted my intelligence. Racial profiling needs to stop. @SydneyAirport


— Santhosh Narayanan (@Music_Santhosh) November 16, 2017


However, Sydney Airport authorities denied Mr Narayanan’s claims and said monitoring passengers on a continuous basis was a security necessity.


“Screening yardstick are set by the government. Screening officers are expected to select people on a random and continuous basis for screening with the explosive trace ascertain method,” it said in a series of tweets.








“This means that as soon as the last individual is cleared, the screening officer selects the next person going through protection. Under this arrangement, persons passing through the monitoring point have an equal probability of being selected,” Sydney Airport authorities decipher Mr Narayanan.


The music director said he wholeheartedly endorsed the security measures put in place by the authorities, however, he said some officers were misappropriated those for “their personal racial preferences”.

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