student visa application
Student Visa

A student-visa is perfect if you want to study in Australia while working part time to pay for your stay in it.

To obtain a student visa you must enroll in a recognized course that lasts at least 12 weeks (or 3-months)

Your visa will cover the duration of the study and the additional leave time, which will vary depending on the duration of the course you choose. For example, if the duration of your course is 6 months, then the visa duration can be 8 months.

Among its advantages, highlighting that there is a visa that has no age limit for the applicant, you do not need to prove the minimum level of English and also, your partner can support you and even if you are not a student Are

Can you work with student visa?

Yes, with a student visa you can work up to 20 hours per week during the study period and up to 40 hours during the holiday period.

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